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Why Calls matter in paid search?

Why Calls matter in paid search?

Online ads that used to just direct customers to landing pages now need to initiate direct phone calls. Customers running searches on mobile devices have high expectations and less time. They want immediate information, answers and assistance. Can your landing pages kill the bill? Or are they still trapped in generating traffic and redirecting prospects. If not then you need to spend your SEO/SEM budget more wisely.

Are you flying blind?

Inbound Calls are the most valuable conversion to businesses. Infact 66% of businesses consider inbound phone calls to be excellent leads because they convert to revenue 10 to 15 times more than web leads. They are the leads sales teams want most but it’s no longer enough to just deliver a phone call to an agent. Marketers today are having their performance evaluated not just on the leads they provide, but the revenue that those leads actually generate.

If a significant portion of your company’s revenue comes from customers who call or come to your showroom, it’s imperative that you can show that your search strategies are driving traffic, and delivering high-intent prospects who are likely to become customers.

The primary goal of most paid search campaigns is to drive conversions and customers. For mobile PPC, that means calls. If you aren’t making it easy for customers to call you from your landing pages – or optimizing for what’s really driving calls – you could be missing out on the majority of mobile leads while sending customers to your competition.

If you aren’t able to measure how your keywords are driving calls, you can’t accurately measure performance. You risk bidding on poorly performing keywords while eliminating spend on ones that are actually driving sales. Upping the game with callback buttons can do the trick.

As a search marketer in today’s multi channel world that has various customer touch points you need to take a coordinated, cross functional Approach to finding, understanding and acquiring customers as they move between online and offline experiences.

Callback buttons do exactly the thing. They not just provide you call analytics but when connected with your google site analytics they can provide you a real time and behaviour report of visitors to your site.


With graphs and charts your can easily identify how many visits in a given date range vs how many call buttons clicked and how many call back requests actually submitted. The data gets attributed to agents in your team which gives an impression how each agent in your team is performing.


Without an accurate picture of how many calls your paid search spend generates, the quality and outcome of those calls, and their impact on revenue, your ROI data may be grossly inaccurate.

The callback buttons can also measure the number and duration of inbound calls to help call centers decrease customer service costs. It can also record phone calls so that you can keep a quality and process check.


How can sentiment Analysis help?

You can use the call recording data to improve marketing plans. The tone, pace, or word choice used by a caller provides better evidence of their emotional state than digital behaviors can. And firms that can create an emotional connection with customers have an advantage.




Searchers visiting your site on smartphones want to call you. Regardless of your ad’s call to action, you need to give them an easy option to call with prominent click-to-call links and buttons throughout your site.

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