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Why does my business site need a Callback Button?

Why does my business site need a Callback Button?

Customer experience is the key to running a successfull business. Consumers are progressively requesting more relevant experience in their moments of need. Whether you are running a SME (Small & Medium Sized Enterprise) or heading a corporation customer engagement always remains the most important business activity that is carried out using a set of digital tools.

Social Media is the latest addition to the toolset. Even though it is very effective tool but it is also the slowest channel that can be used for helping customers when they are about to make a purchase.

It comes at the beginning of the sales funnel, it helps your business maintain its image and brand value and lets your reach out to millions of potential customers but its not the fastest way to help answers to your customers questions when they are buying your goods. Researches have shown that average channel response times on social media is as long as 78 minutes.

Text messages are faster than social media but still cannot serve the purpose. The average channel response time for texts is around 46 minutes.

Another technological advancement that is not very new and neither very old is web chat. Most of the smartphone users and tech savvy people are use to chatting and feel that they are connected with others in real time on a web chat which makes it a second best method that is being used by companies for selling goods online.

While you are looking through the items on the portal and making up your mind, a chat window pops up and a customer support executive can then and there understand your exact requirement and answer all your queries and help you complete the purchase. The average channel response time for web chats is 4 minutes which is a moderate time span even though you do end loosing a few customers waiting in the chat queues.

What’s the best option with least channel response time and highest chances of customers completing purchases?

Well, since it’s invention by Graham Bell, humans are yet to find a match to Telephone. Consumers state that the main motivation behind calling is to talk with a real person so they can quickly get their questions answered and ultimately make a purchase. Callback Buttons provide immediate gratification for on-the-go searchers. It fosters engagement out of otherwise superficial interactions with a brand.

Over 42% of mobile consumers use the click to call feature when they are nearing a purchase decision. As per a study tens of thousands of calls made by UK consumers to businesses were analyzed and it was found that 73% of phone calls were rich product or service conversations.


99% of UK’s private enterprise sector is constituted by private sector small enterprises and many of these SMEs depend on inbound phone calls for new customers and sales. 73% of calls going to these businesses are product or service related.

A Closer Look into the Product or Service Related Calls (73% of All Calls)


An important finding of this research is that 19% of calls going to these small businesses were abandoned. Over half of those abandons occurred during the interactive voice response (IVR) portion of the call.

Callback Buttons to rescue

If you want to leave the slower channels and want to jump in the fastest channel of calls then just by providing your users a way to call is not going to reap more benefits. You need to monitor and manage your calls. You need a callback button from us that can help not just help you in establishing customer engagement but also enable you and your team to monitor, manage and improve the way your business can engage with your customers with an increased revenue.

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